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Custom Sneaker by pixies_tiny_things



When you have a #waltdisneyworld #familytrip planned, do you obsess over what you’ll all wear? As an #annualpassholder I know I get free #photopass pictures, so I’m trying to make our family look as cohesive (like that’s possible, lol) as possible for them. It is pretty easy when you’re in a group as awesome as , who have vetted official vendors who make all kinds of amazing stuff (cough, like #pixiestinythings for example!) So I’m decking my family out in some of the best! created almost all our family shirts w ideas we both came up w together, so it’s 100% custom to my family! makes the most amazing sequin #minnieears with her claim-to-fame oversized bow (which is so soft and more durable than ANY of the flat crappy bows they sell in park. #deerandcrownboutique also allowed me to request custom colors as well, so my ears match the outfits I’ll have! And lastly, I felt like, my kid is still naive enough to want to dress like her mommy for now, so we might as well both #rockthedots this trip in our matching #polkadot skirts! I’ll have to order another pair of ears from so I can wear them w the Minnie skirt as well! So happy to have such amazing artists at hand! Thanks #disbrides for the helping hand!

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