Air force 1 X Comme Des Garçons custom | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Air force 1 X Comme Des Garçons custom

ARTIST: baku


This Nike Air Force 1 will make any outfit pop and its just enough to look unique and stand out. What you get is a shoe painted with high quality acrylic paint and sprayed with a finish that will ensure the paint stays permanent - Only authentic products & materials - Weather-resistant custom products - Fast turnaround time & customer service - Worldwide shipping - Painted by mexican artists Please note the processing time, as this sneaker is finished to order and is not delivered immediately. The product is made for casual wearing and should not be scratched hardly. The sale of this product is final

Processing Time2-3 weeks

Covered by Buyer Protection

If the item does not ship within the time stated (and you do not agree on a new ship by date with the artist), you can take advantage of buyer protection.

Group 84
US Size
Group 84
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