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'Enough is Enough'



"Enough Is Enough!" Its taken me a while to create something that really speaks on what is going on,black people have been treated all over the world is disgusting on so many ine of the canvas, starts from top left when Africans were first taken from their homeland, transitions through the civil rights movement, then till the present day. In this piece you see some of the black people that have stood for us across time, some key faces in this piece are Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther king, Black Panthers, Rosa Parks, Colin Kaepernick, Obama and more. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! . This is a hand made canvas I created. That is 100% original and 1of1, using different mediums.: @ *Different sized Prints available (MESSAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION BEFORE BUYING FOR PRICE) Canvas & Prints available. Prints £100 Size A1

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