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California, United States
πŸ’œ Bay Area, CA πŸ’œ EST. 2020 πŸ’œ 100% legit and authentic πŸ’œ US ONLY πŸ’œ Prices πŸ’œ Shoe price + $20 for the shipping including taxes. πŸ’œ NOTICE πŸ’œ You will receive either Youth/Men/Women equivalent size depending on the stock availability. We have carefully matched it so it will be 100% your exact shoe size. πŸ’œ Disclaimer Notice πŸ’œ Every pair is bought with a full price from a Nike Retailer. πŸ’œ Policy πŸ’œ No refunds, returns, or exchanges because the customs are made to order. Once you placed an order, I can't cancel it anymore so please check everything carefully before placing your order. Unless if I can no longer do the order, that's when I can refund/cancel your order. If you accidentally picked the wrong size or typed in the wrong address after placing your order, just message me the right size or the right address πŸ’œ Thank you! πŸ’œ
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