Our designs are very popular and unique.If you are looking for a new pair of beads custom painted shoes to stand out or even if you are a fan of the Air Max 720,270 and other nike shoes with airbag then our hand crafted AirBeads Shoes are your best choice. We introduced this spectacular custom designs of (AIR BEADS KENDYKICKS ) in 2018.The best soft boost sneaker insole Shock absorbing comfort footbed air permeable. We added very colourful beads in the AIR BAG of these Nike air max 270, 720 and other nikes with AIRBAGS. We also added a bandana fabric on both sides of the shoes. A Softer Cushioning System and fully obsessing the beads—finding the right size, shape and feel to deliver a soft, comfortable ride We make sure and guarantee that you receive 100% good quality custom shoes while you shop more at KENDYKICKS FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
Berkshire, United Kingdom
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