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California, United States
If you're looking for top quality hand painted shoes you've come to the right place! Each shoe is personally hand painted, & made-to-order. For behind ... more
4.88 (8)
4 - 5Process Time (weeks)
Daniel Booth
I have literally sat and admired these shoes for hours. They look even better in person.
Review of Custom Sneaker by kustomb
Ryan Butler
I absolutely LOVE the shoes. They’re so beautiful and when I opened them I wanted to cry lol. The shoes took almost 5 weeks to get here (which I expected because they’re custom so that’s fine!). She did an amazing job and it was worth the price, HOWEVER there were spots on the shoe where the blue paint was on the leather where it wasn’t supposed to be. It’s not noticeable unless you look close, but that’s the only criticism I can give! I’m not sugar coating anything because I want her to be the best she can be! They’re amazing and thank you so much for putting in all your time to customize these shoes. You’re doing great!
First time buying customs on this site and i love them i would definitely buy again on this site and from this artist....
David Tran
First time ever buying custom air forces. I will say that these were the most beautiful customs, and I love the them! :)
Mike Weis
Very impressed with the whole transaction. Excellent communication and timely delivery. Shoe is high quality and beautiful!
Athena Palladino
I absolutely loooove the shoes and how sweet the artist was. Definitely shopping here again when I get more money :)
Melissa Gaul
These are beautiful- exactly as pictured. They came quickly, and the art is high quality. Thank you!
Lynne Ashby
Super amazing and high quality shoes. The art is so beautiful and I would not hesitate to purchase shoes from her again! I love them so much!
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