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North Carolina, United States
Raleigh/Charlotte NC based entrepreneur. Hey guys! I LOVE experimenting with new mediums and designs. I just earned my BA in Design Studies, and have b... more
5.00 (5)
3 - 4Process Time (weeks)
Sean Lee
Amazing person, speedy finish/delivery and great experience! Was a grad gift for my gf, very satisfied with the work done on it, check her out
Socks were fire and original. You can tell she puts her time into her craft. My second custom product from her but not my last!
Jacquan Reynolds
Really love the custom socks I received! The Kyrah’s kustom packaging they came in looked amazing. The fact she took the time to write an appreciation note along with my purchase really stood out to me! Shows me she really values her customers. So thank you Kyrah, and the Kyrah’s Kustom Team!!
I have a sock addiction and I love these socks with all of my heart. The design and effort Kyrah has put into them really shows. They're extremely fashionable, comfortable and just straight up beautiful. I will buy more lol
Sarona Hamoudah
Absolutely beautiful, I'm in love with the shoes!!! The Artist was flexible with the design and very helpful in answering all my questions. I am so happy with my purchase.
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