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California, United States
• Professional sneaker artist 🇵🇭 • Message me on any platform for a custom inquiry! • Quality over everything.
3.83 (6)
6 - 7Process Time (weeks)
Daniel sage
September 2020
Waited over 2 months longer then stated as delivery time. When I finally received them they looked good until I noticed the LV label was side ways on the back. All the time it took to make them and the money they cost I was hoping for them to be perfect. There was only one side ways LV symbol and a half cut off one
Review of Custom Sneaker by shoereviver
Philip Smith
September 2020
These r 🔥 Point blank Period
Emma Ortiz
August 2020
Took a little while to come but the artist let me know after I contacted them that they were going to be shipped soon. They look just like the picture and I LOVE THEM!!! Much better than paying hundreds of dollars for the actual LV sandals.
Haven Carson
June 2020
Im not sure about the other review, but I had no issues contacting this seller. He was running a little behind with my shoes which really wasn't an issue for me, I just wanted to know the status of them. He messaged me back right away and said they were almost done and if I had any other questions to feel free to contact him again. I have since received my shoes and they're perfect, exactly as picturesd. You can't rush quality, so I didn't mind waiting a little longer for him to finish them up! Thanks so much for my custom lv af1s, couldn't be happier with them!
never received my shoes and i paid 250$ for them, it’s now been over 3 months since i made my purchase and still have not received my shoes or at least a message back.. i’ve messaged this person more than once asking where my order was and he has not responded back to me .. i would recommend not buying from this person ! i truely got scammed
Felix Lopez
May 2020
Very badass shoes you can tell right away they took their time stitching the LV material very high quality worth what I paid n I paid a lot but honestly it is worth the asking price it also takes a while to get them but is worth the wait they also they actually reply to my questions and gave me an update on the shoes like right away even tho their very busy couldn’t ask for better customer service. I just wish it had more of the LV logo on the shoe but it’s all good still looks badass I really appreciate The shoes I wish I knew the artist name but thank you I love them I always get compliments and I always let people know about your website when people ask
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